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About... the website

Put plain and simple EZ showcases the design work of a digital artist. Ezequiel, 18, shows the world his work. However there is more than just that; EZ is an electronic masterpiece in itself. A medium that connects a designer's notions and inspiration to the minds of vast e-audiences of today.

More recently, I had to come up with a way to communicate these ideas and concepts of mine to a broader audience, so I took on the initiative to build a site that would exhibit my creations to the world. So then ZQ was born. The development phase was quick at first, but I soon I found it hard to continue as my schedules got clogged up with study.

I retook where I left in late 2001 to finish it once and for all. After reviewing it, I greatly improved my original vision of the site, and put hands to work. Following long hours of thinking, designing and testing now here it is, Enjoy: