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Timeline - P



I was born in Cordoba, a medium sized city in Argentina. This was in 1984, a long autumn night in Clinica Chutro. My parents were pretty sure what to call me. They named me Ezequiel Andres.

Then when I was five I had to start kinder garden, I went to a kinder garden near my house, in the same suburb. It was called Jardin de infantes Presidente Kennedy (this name was in honor of JFK).  I was really shy but I learned how to be a little more talkative. – Here is when I started to like this girl called Maria Emilia, a really gorgeous blonde. Anyway, I was very little so I didn't quiet think what a relationship was. I really liked her and I told my Mum, and they (my parents and cousins) made fun of me. I really hated this (I was 5 remember) so I decided not to tell anyone the next time.

Then, one year later, I had to go to Primer Grado (year 1). I continued in the same school but the primary. Unluckily I entered in the afternoon classes (in Argentina there are morning and afternoon classes). This meant that I wasn't with my friends anymore. I hated year 1, we had an old teacher and I didn't understand anything. My marks were low but I passed. I remember some of my classmates but they didn't like me much. I was always daydreaming and I didn't hear the teacher –years latter they found out I couldn't hear properly from my left ear.– I remember I used to play alone all day, my parents always said I liked to play alone.
We always went out to the country on weekends mainly with friends. My friends parents were friends of my parents and they had met ages ago before I was born. We were
four families: the Muns, the Frete, the Valverde and the Macchiavelli. We always went to places. My main friends were Rafael (AKA Rafi), Enzo and Jonatan (AKA Jonny).

When I was about to be 7 I fell in love with a girl called Guillermina who we used to call "Mini". She was Rafi's sister. I really loved her but I hid this until I was older. My school years continued better than the 1st although I still had some problems.
My grandmother was a very important person in my life at this time, She taught me a lot about religion, she was and is very religious (i'm not though).

In 1993 one of my friends, Enzo, and his family migrated to Australia. This was realy sad but i guess i didn't realise i wouldn't see him again.*

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